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Notes on registration

Registered users can access openly accessible content (currently mostly anonymised transcripts of lessons or interviews). Once you have registered, you can use your account to apply for access to more highly protected contents which might contain personal data such as recorded lessons. Access to these types of data can only be granted to qualified scientists with a certified research interest, subject to application. Persons with a doctorate will be granted such access if they are working at a research institution as well as persons who are engaged in relevant research projects.

You can delete a user account you have created on our site at any time. Your user account will be automatically deleted if it is not linked to a current application for access to protected data and you have not logged onto the Research Data Centre for Education for three years.

The general terms of use for the Research Data Centre for Education are applicable.

Declaration of consent regarding data protection regulation

By registering with the Research Data Centre for Education, I reconfirm my consent to electronic storage and processing of my personal data by the Research Data Centre for Education, for the purpose of user administration and information as well as for running user analyses - even beyond usage of the Research Data Centre for Education.

Beyond that, if I apply for access to data that are subject to special protection at FDZ Bildung - e.g. lesson videos that might in part contain personal data - I am aware that an identity check is run in the course of processing my application. This identity check involves Deutsche Post via the so-called POSTIDENT method (online or in a postal service agency). I agree to a digital transfer of resulting data to FDZ Bildung as well as assessed personal data concerning myself. FDZ Bildung will save my data together with my application for the certification of lawful access to protected data for research purposes.

Handling of personal data is subject to an agreement with data protection officers at DIPF and documented in a respective directory of procedures.


You can withdraw your consent to storage and processing of your personal data any time. In this case, please delete your account ? you can do so via your user account. The revocation of your consent means that you will no longer be able to access protected data and your personal data will be deleted.

General information

The general data protection regulation can be found at:

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